Will Hip Hop Have A Voice In Trump’s America??

For nearly a decade Hip Hop has enjoyed something it has never experienced before.  A Hip Hop President resided in the White House. Not only is President Barack Obama seen as “one of us” but that sentiment extends along the line to the First Lady and their growing daughters. The nation built on the back of enslaved Black people was now being led by an African-American. One who grew up with and in the culture of Hip Hop. From his ability to code switch in the blink of an eye to his seamless interaction with the people via various social media platforms, Barack Obama represented us well. He has inspired the musical voices of many Hip Hop artists like Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, Killer Mike, J Cole, Common and more. Yet, now as we welcome the start of a new year and the final weeks of the Obama presidency, serious uncertainty looms.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump does not stand as a friend of Hip Hop and the multicultural community that makes it up. His campaign trail is littered with comments of discrimination and disrespect towards “The Blacks” as he’s so often stated. How will the soon to be president oversee the voice of the people who he views as having things “so bad that we have nothing to lose.” Hip Hop has on many, if not most, occasions stood in opposition of the powers that be. Artists from major cities and local communities alike have steadily produced anthems of pain and systematic wrong doing, while crying for justice. Now more than ever the force of Hip Hop’s voice needs to be heard across the globe.

With the final countdown now in effect, there are questions for the Hip Hop community and those will be answered in one way or another. Will the leaders of this culture usher in a powerful defiant tone to the ugly Trump rhetoric? Will the status quo of commercial gain keep most people at bay? Already top level MC’s like T.I and the LOX have released new music with definitively powerful political themes.

Outside of the music artists themselves, the Hip Hop generation is producing a new class of thought leaders and influencers. How will these raising leaders react in the face of Trump’s “Great America”.

As Hush Hip Hop Tours shares the humble beginnings of this worldwide movement we also look to the future of this culture. We invite you to come through and bring your friends for a memorable experience into the roots of this planet shaping culture! 

We hope and believe that Hip Hop can stand up not just as the soundtrack to a great a party but also as the theme to progressive growth and social advancement. Now the voice of Hip Hop should be louder than ever!