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Project Description

The Boogie Down Bronx Tour

The Bronx has given the world Hip-Hop, Salsa, and 27 Yankees World Series Rings. It has been home to two United States Presidents, a Supreme Court Justice, Edgar Allen Poe, Louis Farrakhan, and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few. Now let us show you the streets that paved the way for innovation in arts, music, politics, and all aspects of culture.

Hush Tours’ ‘Boogie Down Bronx’ experience takes you on an unforgettable adventure through the rich cultural history of the Bronx. From the Walk of Fame on the Grand Concourse to the early rap battle locations as seen in the legendary film Wild Style, this is a can’t-miss event. The Hush team will give you an all-access look into the typically unseen borough, where the longstanding impact can never be forgotten.

Explore the Bronx as you hang out with our celebrity guide and discover the roots of various musical genres and cultures woven through the great streets in this musical borough that inspired a cultural revolution. So no matter how much knowledge you have or lack thereof, you are in for an amazing afternoon of music history and entertainment.

Travel with us through the Bronx streets and check out some important spots, like:

  • Bronx Walk of Fame
  • 1520 Sedgwick Avenue
  • Key Locations from “The Get Down”
  • Famous Murals
  • Casa Amadeo


Our tours sell out quickly, so advance booking to reserve your spot is required!