Outkast 101 – Coming To A Campus Near You

It almost seems crazy to imagine a time when the south was not a dominant force in Hip Hop. As Cities like Atlanta and Houston turn out waves of new talent successful talent many of us can still remember when the climate was far less receptive. When Outkast graced the stage of the Source Awards in 1995 to accept their Best New Artist Award to an array of boos by the NY crowd Andre 3000 made what would be a prophetic statement.

“But it’s like this, though… I’m tired of folks—you know what I’m sayin’—closed minded folks. It’s like we got a demo tape and don’t nobody wanna hear it. But it’s like this. The South got somethin’ to say. That’s all I got to say.”

And the South has not stopped talking ever since. Now for those that may not have come up during those earlier years, the legendary OutKast is now the subject of their own college course at Armstrong University in Savannah Georgia. The course is an upper level English class that will dive into the massive influence of the group through their music, and their deep ties to Georgia.

Students will review and analyze albums and lyrics from the Dungeon Family duo. Then they will also make connections with OutKast to other writers from the south. This course is being initiated by Dr. Regina Bradley, who was a part of the Nasir Jones Hip Hop studies program at Harvard. She also plans on writing a book on Outkast as well.

Still seeking a little more Dirty South style? See below for a classic southern playlist via MTV!

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