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Debra HarrisFounder
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RahiemGrandmaster Flash & The Furious 5
The first hip-hop act entered into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, Ohio. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, were a pivotal group in the early days of rap, developed crucial aspects of the genre. Their hit, “The Message,” was in 2002 inducted/registered with the Library of Congress National Recording Registry as a “significant body of work”, its focus on urban social issues set a precedent and a course followed by many. This legendary group has made the Bronx a mecca for urban music worldwide. GMF & Furious were among the first to host hip-hop battles, taking the world by storm with their new culture and lifestyle. Rahiem is a regular guide with Hush Tours and continues to tour across the globe with his personal work.
Reggie RegCrash Crew
Formed in 1977 this group was a 15 member crew with DJ’s, MC’s, promoters and security. The Crew had a reputation of giving parties with the best production quality. Having history in street basketball, playing against the Disco 4 in the First Entertainers Basketball Game at Mt. Morris Park. This group brought their system to the park while the games were being played they were the ones who jump started the “And 1 Mix” and the “EBT Summer Tournaments”. Many of their songs have been sampled by LL Cool, Jay Z and featured on numerous video games. Reggie Reg is a staple figure on Hush Tours.
James Top
Better known as “The Peoples Graffiti Artist”, This self- taught artist began his graffiti art career as a founding member of The ODD PARTNERS. “TOP”, would make history by dominating the IND & BMT subway lines during the mid to late 1970’s. Today he works as an art consultant- mentor to many area schools, charities, community and youth based organizations. For over a decade. James has produced the cable Television show “Graffiti NYC”. The show focuses on the people, places and events of graffiti art in New York City. The show airs Sunday’s 1:30 am on channel 67, of the MNN network. James’s artwork is a part of the Prestige’s Shomburg Art Collection in Harlem, and he takes great pride in capturing the African American Experience in America on canvass and community murals.
Roxanne Shante
Roxanne Shanté (born Lolita Gooden) was walking outside a New York housing project called Queensbridge when she heard three men talking about how the trio U.T.F.O. had canceled their appearance at a show they were promoting. Gooden offered to make a rap record that would get back at U.T.F.O., who’d previously recorded “Roxanne, Roxanne,” a song about a woman too stuck up to notice them. The three — Tyrone Williams, disc jockey Mister Magic, and producer Marley Marl — took her up on the idea, with Marl producing “Roxanne’s Revenge.” The song was confrontational, sneering, boastful, and even borderline obscene, and it spawned 102 additional answer records. Shanté retired when she was 25 to focus her attention on obtaining a higher education. She stayed involved with the entertainment industry by being a mentor to young, female rappers and taking part in a series of Sprite commercials that highlighted freestyling hip-hop artists.
Grandmaster CazCold Crush Bros.
Born in the Boogie Down Bronx. He continues to reside in the Bronx and records and writes for current Hip Hop artists. A true hip hop historian, Grandmaster Caz frequently lectures and speaks on panels at many Hip Hop conferences and events worldwide and has been featured in numerous Hip Hop documentaries, television programs and Vh1 reality shows. Caz is a loyal and regular contributor to the Hush Tours (in addition to touring across the globe) and can be seen giving many weekday and weekend Hush Tour experiences in New York City.
Ralph McDaniels
From VJ to DJ, Ralph McDaniels is a critical part of the Hip Hop world. Starting at “Midday Live New York” and then moving to “Video Music Box”, one of the first VJ’s to cater to an exclusively Hip Hop crowd. Ralph made his acting debut in the film, “Who’s The Man?” McDaniels was the associate producer of the motion picture, “Juice” and founded his own film and production company. This New York native possesses the spirit of, and respect for, Hip Hop culture and is a pioneer, entrepreneur and visionary. He is a consistent contributor to Hush Tours and can be heard on both HOT 97.1 and 98.7 Kiss FM (NYC).
Bonz Malone
A former NYC graffiti writer who became a music and culture journalist for SPIN, The Source & Vibe magazines for almost 20 years. His film career started with the movie Juice, which he worked as a script consultant for Chris Blackwell. In 1998, Slam, an independent film co-written by Bonz, won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and later, the Camera D’or at Cannes. As either, a writer, actor or producer, he has worked on over 25 films including Shaft 2000 with Samuel L. Jackson and LIFE starring Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence and has been featured in several platinum selling DVD’s. In 1999, he was made the Vp of Film for Offline Entertainment Group. Today, he mentors a select group of writers and industry professionals and has just finished a novel for Random House Publishers.
Kool DJ Red Alert
Recognized and respected worldwide as one of the founding fathers of hip hop music and culture, Red has received numerous awards and accolades including the first annual Rap Hall of Fame is Prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award (from IMPACT – the music trade publication) Red was named one of the 50 most influential people in music by ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, and continues to host a hip hop show on Sirius Satellite Radio. Red is a consistent contributor to Hush Tours as he continues to DJ on 98.7 Kiss FM a New City Radio and tour the world on professional endeavors.
Mikey D.Main Source
Definitely took the Queens park jam scene to the next level. In 1988, Mikey’s career really got hot when he was signed to Sleeping Bag Records. The record company was so enthused by the Queens battle legend’s reputation they entered him into the New Music Seminar. After battling several known and unknown rappers round by round he faced Master Melle Mel of the Furious Five. Mikey D defeated the veteran MC and was proclaimed to be the best MC in the world. In 1994 Mikey D was enlisted to join the groundbreaking group Main Source. Mikey D continues to record and tour across the globe and is always paying a visit on Hush Tours.
Kurtis Blow
One of the founders and creators of recorded rap Kurtis Blow stands as an emerging leader in a new generation of rappers with street sense and commercial savvy; a timeless artist and hip hop legend, Kurtis Blow has been instrumental in raising a generation of MC’s, at the age of twenty, Kurtis Blow became the first Rapper to be signed by a major label (Polygram). He was honored to coordinate “King Holiday”, along with Dexter Scott King, a song to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Kurtis is now working for Sirius Satellite Radio in New York City and, co-founded the Hip Hop Church in Harlem. In addition to being a regular with Hush Tours, Kurtis Blow also continues to tour the globe with his personal endeavors.
Jayson “Mighty Mouse” Vasquez
Jayson “Mighty Mouse” Vasquez was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He started his dance career in the subways of Time Square train station dancing for money. From the streets to the professional dance world. Mouse has worked with the likes of Tyler Perry and Rennie Harris. His Film/TV credits include Good Morning America 25th anniversary, USA Net Work commercial “Show Us Your Character”, and VH1 Hip Hop Honor Awards Dancing for GrandMaster Caz. He has also danced for modern theater companies such as Eleo Pomare Dance Company, Louis Johnson Dance Company, and has also Co-choreographed on the Joan Miller Dance Company. Mouse is also a Ballet Hispanico alumni. Currently, Mouse is teaching master classes that educate students about the true essence of hip hop dance, culture, and history.
JDLCold Crush Bros.
JDL is a hip hop historian born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx. A part of one of the first rap crews to emerge from the Bronx in the mid 70’s. J.D.L. was initially part of the Notorious Two with Grandmaster Caz. Later became a founding member of the Cold Crush Brothers. J.D.L.known as top showman in a crew of skilled rappers who were featured in Hip Hop First Movie “Wildstyle”. A natural people person born to use the microphone whether as an Emcee, Host, Narrator or Tour Guide all of which he continues to do with a cheerful and friendly attitude.
Lady K-Fever
Lady K-Fever (b. Canada) is a New York based inter-disciplinary artist and curator working with painting, installation, photography, performance and public art projects. She began her career in Vancouver the early 1990’s when she was invited to create an installation with Riot Grrlz for Artropolis 93. In 2003, she became the first Canadian woman to paint at the legendary Graffiti Hall of Fame in East Harlem, New York and to be put down with NYC graffiti crews KD & TDS.

She is a multiple recipient of the Arts-in-Education Grant from The Bronx Council on the Arts (2007-09). She currently works with The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Bronx River Arts Center and The Laundromat Project.

DJ Kool HercGodfather of Hip Hop
New York state officials declared 1520 Sedgwick Ave, the building where DJ Kool Herc began his career, as the “birthplace of hip-hop,” making it eligible for national and state registers. At the age of 12 Herc began to throw (free neighborhood parties). It was at these free neighborhood parties that DJ Kool Herc defined his style and that would ultimately lead to the hip-hop.