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1980. Crash Crew’s High Power Rap. I hear the line:


Barely a teenager, but living during what is now considered the “pioneer years” of rap, hearing my name in a rap lyric was the ultimate!

Growing up in the Bronx, seeing all the new, creative, innovative ways that young kids like me were expressing themselves and getting put on flyers and on the radio was exciting and inspiring. Hearing the music, going to block parties, seeing graffiti artwork and break dancing solidified my love for hip hop which continues to this day.

Hip hop connected people across boroughs that usually wouldn’t say hello to each other, let alone enjoy the new record by Run DMC or Kurtis Blow together, through a universal language. In a funny way, I was able to learn how to navigate New York City’s subway system due to hip hop because I found myself in Brooklyn one day and Long Island the next meeting up with family to experience what the culture was offering.

The love I have for hip hop and this city are equally shared, and over a decade ago, I developed HusH Tours to give people from all over the world an opportunity to experience the New York City I grew up in– the birthplace of Hip Hop.

The “City that never sleeps” offers all kinds of tours and sightseeing, yet there was a void in the industry that I felt needed to be filled. Hip hop has no boundaries and people from any culture, religion, and race, are able to come together as one in the name of hip hop. What better way to show off my city, as well as a genre in music that has grown to unimaginable heights than by creating HusH Tours?

HusH Tours has thankfully been able to work with DJ Red Alert, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, Afrika Bambaata and Grandmaster Caz as well as receive press from Fox 5 to the London Times. Hush Tours will continue to bring one of the best tours this city has to offer while making sure each experience is unique. From fans, partygoers, graffiti artists, DJs, to dancers- we all represent the “Us” in hip hop, hence naming my company HusH Tours.

It is greatly appreciated that visitors, locals, and organizations have taken the time to seek out HusH Tours to learn and celebrate the foundation of Hip Hop culture.

Thank you for continuously supporting our effort to showcase Hip Hop as the art form it truly is.

Warmest Regards,
Debra Harris
Founder, HusH Tours Inc.
Expert in Hip Hop Tourism