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The Writing’s On The Wall Harlem Art Tour

This tour steps out Tuesdays at 11:00am

It’s no secret that New York is known for its substantial art history. But, did you know that the early hip hop community was responsible for much of the underground art that had taken over the Urban Landscape of New York City?

Our Writing’s On the Wall Walking Tour of New York will take you around to see some of the best examples of street art, graffiti, and mural art in the city.

We’ll also take you on a tour of numerous local and international artists in the streets of Harlem showcasing:

  • Mural Art
  • Hall of Fame’s
  • Paste Ups
  • Ad Busting
  • Heaven Spots
  • Burners, Installations, and More

Our guides for this tour are artists themselves and will give you a glimpse into the artist’s mind and what their motivations are.

And since the underground art of New York changes so rapidly, you’ll even learn the difference between true street art and graffiti, and the “unwritten rules” of the street art community.

See and hear the “language” of this art community, along with the history of origins of a type of art that ripped open the art world for new artists.

If you’re an art lover, graffiti artist, or someone that wants to see a side of street art that few people have experienced, this tour is definitely for you.

This experience is loaded with photo ops, so bring your phone or camera fully charged and get ready to indulge in true hip hop art!

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Our tours sell out quickly, so advance booking to reserve your spot is required!

*Note: No lunch or snacks are provided.

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